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Earn Commissions In less than 2 minutes you can have your very own customized online shopping mall web site that is based on any subjects, keywords and/or phrases you desire!

Earn extra income & 100% of the revenue from Google Adsense, Kontera & Clickbank too! Automatically have your own ClickBank Store of related products set-up and ready to go in your own mall web site! You earn 100% of the commissions from all these companies. Plus... Automatically be an affiliate for various fast selling, internet marketing & advertising services from Majon International ... One of the web's MOST POPULAR marketing & advertising companies on the internet!

Build web sites that are related to your core business or create web sites for those domain names that you have been sitting on. Either way, FreeMalls.com is the fastest, easiest & most effective soluton to create & monetize search engine friendly web sites that provide real value to the end users & visitors... exactly what the search engines love to index! Everything is white hat and strictly in accordance with all search engine rules, guidelines and recommendations.

You can earn huge commissions in up to SEVEN different ways with your own Mall Web Site... and it's all FREE! Assign your own domain name. Choose your own primary keywords, add additional secondary keyword phrases & within minutes you will have your own customizeable, content driven web site that the search engines will love! Start earning commissions immediately! Add your own links, text, banners, videos & more to your mall web site too! Some example sites to visit right now are:


The way this site is intended to work BEST is:

1) Create your freemalls web site(s) from subjects & keywords that relate to your main business. (We do not allow exact duplicate keywords - so first come first serve.)

2) Use very targeted keyword phrases.

3) Get a domain name & assign it to your site.
This is very important if you want your site to rank in the search engines.

4) Add your own text, insert links to other web sites & videos, upload banners, & enter other simple one line affiliate account codes from Google Adsense, ClickBank, Kontera etc. to fully monetize your new freemalls site(s).

5) Then... it is VERY IMPORTANT - you must LINK your new freemalls web site everywhere you can! Search engines will love your site and IT WILL get targeted traffic! Everything has been done in a white hat & ethical way to help provide a good experience to the end website visitor! Enjoy!

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It may take up to 48 hours for your nameservers to switch over.

Note: If you don't enter a domain here, you will have a URL such as http://www.freemalls.com/shopping/4366

Your mall website can be centered around any theme or subject matter you desire based on your keywords. Your web content will be generated from the keywords entered below. You can change these at any time by logging in to your
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